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​Expand your business in Japan!

Japan Translation Association was founded to train teachers for supporting English learners to be successful in their life.
By interpreting and translating, we also hope to facilitate the exchange of worthy ideas from around the world.

Are you interested in these activities in Japan?
- Giving a keynote speech
- Opening a new market
- Finding new clients
- Reaching out to your fans
- Promoting your products
​- Holding seminars, workshops and conferences
Japan can become one of your biggest markets because Japanese people love to seek new products and services. Unfortunately, most of Japanese people don't speak a second language.
We can help you by providing support with the following services:
- Email translation
- International phone calls
- Creating a contract in English and Japanese
- Translating contracts from English to Japanese and vice versa
- Assistance with visa application
- Assistance with tax exemption application
- Recommendations for food and accommodations
- Interpretation during your stay
- Translation for presentation slides
- Translation for your website
​- Translation and Japanese subtitles on your video
Translation / Interpretation


JTA provides simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting services.
We believe that the most important thing is to bridge the gaps between people who speak foreign languages.


Previously Interpreted and supported for-

・Arun Gandhi - Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi

・Greg Link - Marketer, CEO of Covy Leadership Center

・Thad Roberts - Theoretical Physicist, Adventurer

・Jose Luiz Migel - Son of Don Migel Luiz, the author of 'The Four Agreements'

・Kyoko Matsuoka -Architect, Principal of Spinglass Architects

・John Kluge - Philanthoropist, Co-founder of Erene
・Mark Lauren
​ - Body weight trainer, the author of 'You Are Your Own Gym'

・W Mitchell - Keynote speaker

・Richard and Linda Eyre - Parenting specialist

・John Rankins - President of Optimo International 

・Kino MacGregor - International yoga teacher

・Rocky Heron - International yoga teacher

​・Sharon Lechter - Author (online presentation)



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